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Studies done with veterans suffering with PTSD say that laughing every day has improved their sleep, made them more positive, given them more patience with friends and improved their temper. In some cases, it has even cured depression brought on by amputation or disease. Our programs facilitate the need for Happiness in our veterans and their family’s lives and rehabilitate them to have daily uninhibited Joy.


This is a profession that involves pain, suffering, loss, destruction, death, anger, injury, revenge, criticism, sadness, addiction, abuse, people at their worst and that is just a few of the negative descriptors of what they see and experience. It is imperative that LEO’s learn an appropriate form of Happiness in order to cope with their job. Laughter is great medicine but for law enforcement.  We work with officers to train them in tangible and appropriate ways to cope with their daily stressors.


Research and studies involving corporate environments have shown Happiness and laughter training reduce stress and cortisol levels, focus and production went up by 15% and customer satisfaction improved by 42%. Companies that adopt a harmonious happy work place have less turnover in staff, more loyalty, higher moral, effective team building and consistently win industry awards, getting them ranked in the top of their field.



An in-depth research study was completed on the training of medical professionals and health care providers to use Happiness to cope with their continued contact with the terminally ill, injured and the emotionally effected. The research showed that “If employees view their managers as humor-oriented, they also view them as more effective”, Hospital employees reported saying “they had a higher job satisfaction when they worked for someone who used humor effectively and appropriately and it was a great way to cope with on-the-job stress”. Patient service reviews increased dramatically.



Investigative research and working closely with you our clients we will develop a custom made program, especially tailored for your individual needs and the needs of your team.

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