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Dr. Kathie Mathis is a Doctor of Psychology, Nationally Certified Psychologist and Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association. She has over 25 years helping others in the healing of trauma, addictions, depression, self-worth, and other disorders.  A self-described “doctor of psycho-ology”, she has found that laughter is among the resources that help others to gain healing and insights faster than other modalities.  Laughter and motivation therapy lightens the spirit and soul, helps make difficult issues easier to look at and work on and overcome as well as brings “team” to the entire healing process. One person helping another through laughter skills is contagious.
Kathie’s expertise is in addictions, domestic violence, sex offender counseling, laughter coaching, life action coaching, parenting, sociopathic type relationships and anger management. She is a sought after speaker at events and conferences due to her  own humorous style of presenting and experience helping others to become “laugher-ologists”  as well.

Stephanie Paul, originally from New Zealand knows she is blessed with the experience of being well traveled to over 60 countries 8 of which she was lucky enough to live in! Stephanie spent 10 years of her life, working part time with the mentally disabled and has over 20 years professional experience in the entertainment industry as an Actress, Stand Up Comedienne and Writer. Stephanie also has had professional experience in production, casting and as an associate talent agent.  That all may sound exciting and is a long way from her first job at the age of 13 cleaning toilets in a large mechanics warehouse.


Because of this life experience she has a unique sense of humor with a decent grasp on humanity. Stephanie is able to look at almost any situation no matter how traumatic and find the hilarious side and share it,she has the unique ability to help others laugh at anything. Stephanie loves giving others a new hilarious point of view and positive outlook. She is dedicated to working with people to discover that “YOU” are the funniest person you know and she takes great pleasure in working with anyone to find their laughter and motivate them forward to achieve their goals with a harmonious attitude.

As a Stand Up Comedienne she loves making people laugh but realized that after a show it was her twisted spin on stories and the audience didn’t take the laughter home or onwards into their professional and day to day life. This catapulted her into training, studying and learning the scientific, psychological and medical benefits of laughter, which blew her away! Stephanie is now a qualified, Laughter Yoga Trainer and Life Action Coach and has great pride and joy in sharing the hilarious healing benefits of laughter, not to mention the tremendous productive side effects in relationships both personal and professional. “A little laughter can go a long way, a lot of laughter can move Mountains”.

For more information please visit Dr Kathie's website.

For more information please visit Stephanie's website.

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