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Stephanie is a native New Zealander since the age of 4 has been performing on stage and started her professional career as a teenager in New Zealand as a commercial actress (Currently seen as “Your Best Mates Mum” In The Woodstock commercials in the NZ market and Ally Bank and a Tostitos commercials in USA) since then she has experience shooting hundreds of commercials (Including 4 Super Bowl Commercials) in 7 international markets, as well as working in Theatre, film and television.

Stephanie is most well known in the Sci-Fi Comedy “Iron Sky” and the “Iron Sky Invasion Video Game” about to have it’s world wide release, in which both she has the pleasure of playing The President of The United States. Currently she is on the list of nominees for best supporting actress at AACTA for her role in “Iron Sky”. Stephanie is also known for her role as “Pip Thomas” in Tom Scott’s “Separation City”, And was the Starring Lead of Sarah Sloan in Douglas Underdhal’s award winning “Film School Confidential”.  Stephanie has also been seen in various TV performances on shows such as “Bold and the Beautiful”, “Street Legal”, “Amazing Extraordinary Friends” to name a few.

In 1998 she crossed the pond to the United States where she studied at “The Neighborhood Playhouse” in New York City, home of the Sanford Meisner Technique.  In New York Stephanie earned credits working in theatre, and film. Then in 2001 moving to San Francisco continuing to work in Commercials, Theatre and Film and TV, she studied on camera and monologue techniques with Full Circle Productions. Their technique derived from screenplay writing combine character creation from an intellectual point of view with “in the moment” organic techniques. I think this may have been where she started her writing itch.

Stephanie has trained with B.A.T.S, The Groundlings, IO (Improv Olympic)and The Improvatoriumin in Los Angeles and was a member of Improv Troupe “Gumbo” performing at The World Famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood. Stephanie also spent 2 years studying sketch writing at The Second City in Hollywood. And most recently Directed an entire production of Sketch comedy that she wrote and is currently in development on for a show based on some of her characters as well as another sitcom project. She also has 9 years professional Stand Up under her writing belt working Internationally in 7 countries.

Stephanie is also the Co-Founder of The Hilarious Healing Project  She continues to thrive and work in both communities helping others achieve inner happiness with laughter, while writing, directing and producing various entertainment projects. Fortunately and regularly still getting to grace the stage and in front of the camera when the right role calls.

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